A Greater Objective

Few people have even a basic understanding of war. For any number of mysterious reasons, I have read the who, what, where, when, why and how of it for decades. The depth of my fascination has given me character observations of leaders and common soldiers, understanding of traditional and innovative strategies, a peek into the minds of those who took huge risks and pulled off a victory, as well as those who made stupid blunders with costly consequences. And yet, woven into the bigger picture of all of these, is the barely visible threads of Almighty God as part of the fabric. Influencing that picture is often prayer movements that are rarely seen in the mainstream historical record. Earthly wars are proof there are spiritual influences behind them; it’s a parallel existence.

Perhaps I will expand on that premise another time. For now, there is a more pressing idea I’ve seen that should be unpacked regarding these times.

Within the scope of any war is any number of battles. Within the scope of any battle could be an undeterminable number of skirmishes provoked by a planned firefight or unexpected engagement. Chance engagements often sway who’s the victor of a battle. A war can be filled with many battles. But it’s those who learn the hard lessons of battle that continue to fight their wars with better strategies, logistics and tactics [planning for deployment, supply, maneuvering for battle].

As Christians, we must be aware that while we are on this planet, we are surrounded by conflicts. On a personal level, how we handle them with love determines how we move forward.

In my early days my greatest efforts were focused on eradicating conflict and keeping the peace. At that time, I was unwittingly defining peace as comfortable. For example, I worked hard to make enough money so that I didn’t have to worry. In other words, I didn’t have to depend on El Shaddai the all sufficient one for my needs. I wanted to be self-sufficient, often producing the wrong results. Until I learned the hard lessons that taught me humility, identity and my Father’s love, having more than enough self-provision was not a blessing. It distracted me from the deep intimacy with Papa we all have been given to live out. I also learned not to pursue the comfort zone at the expense of true peace that comes from understanding the authority of sonship and its accompanying partnership with my Father.

On a community level, being real; that is being humbly transparent and vulnerable; and taking risks to build deeper communication and healthy connection requires tremendous bravery. Relationships are the joints of the body of Christ and they open arms for revealing the Father’s love. However messy or imperfect relationship building may be, it is a necessary pathway to the high purposes of learning to love and interdependence. There is a constant invasion of thoughts from outside forces that seek to create conflict and separation. The nature of that battle runs deep and often produces wounds. Avoiding community usually reveals a battle lost and an undeveloped world view.

Let’s switch to the bigger picture. Global and national warfare is a preexisting fact of the spiritual world we live in. Satan seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Stealing peace, killing hope and destroying love targets the soul of humanity made in the image of God. Taking down nations accomplishes his goals on a large scale and sets him in a position to influence minds at high levels.

We in America have been engaged on that level of warfare for some time. But recently, prayer movements are gathering momentum on a scale I’ve never seen before to push back the overt takeover of our beloved nation by an ungodly agenda. Our Heavenly Commander-in-chief is also bringing other nations to alliance with what he’s doing. One of the thrills of being part of this, is watching the ground swell it’s creating.

As a strategist, I understand the simplicity of winning the battle. But a thought came to mind while considering that victory, that posed the idea there’s a greater objective to be gained. — “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our God and of his Anointed One!”[i] — I saw in my mind, a people of prayer that had risen above the nations; not just our nation; to establish a kingdom covering for a kingdom work that will reach the entire planet.

The urgency of this hour has a much larger significance. This moment in the conflict is a stepping stone once the prayer armies are gathered.

That thought stirs questions that should be answered.

Once the battle for this election is over, will the armies simply return home? Or was this season a call to prayer arms for a greater revolution?

When thought about, there’s a lot at stake in the responses. There’s a lot to be said about sustained prayer movements on the current scale we are experiencing. The potential is mind boggling. May I suggest that we look far more forward than what’s at hand.

[i] Revelation 11:15 (TPT)