Jim’s latest novel

Crucibles earthly and cosmic, natural and invisible are the fires that test humility and power. When ordinary people have an encounter with the extraordinary design of heaven, everything they live for changes. Life’s direction is altered, motives are purified and spiritual realities are apprehended.

Bobby had known another realm since childhood; for him God’s supernatural was normal. Caleb’s destiny was altered when a cosmic event put a mysterious golden scroll in his hands. Its uniqueness brought Bobby and Caleb together.

Their struggles were ignited by the golden scroll and forged an unstoppable team commissioned to change their world.

Changing times, changing narrative; discernment required

My message for some years has been reformation. Covid created such an environment for reform that many camps have capitalized on the moment. If anything has come with the times, it’s the opportunity to create a language to express the reform narrative. And since it’s a cultural language, it’s important the terms are defined clearly.

This cultural change isn’t going away. Too many have discovered that new ideas rising from this caldron of inconvenience, sacrifice and tragedy are here to stay. Going back to the way we were may be counter-revolutionary. This season has challenged and exposed structures, strategies and tactics that won’t work for a broadly-based culture of church and community.  It is confrontational to the understanding of what we’ve built to realize it needed a bigger and deeper foundation. It’s like finishing a single-story home, only to discover that the community changed in the process. Three stories were needed, plus a greater water supply and lot of personal connection to make it worthwhile.

Here we are, rethinking life; family, community, business, government, etc.; and how we’re going to do it. It’s daunting. It’s hard to see in this fog of uncertainty. It’s hard to understand what some people are saying. It’s at times like this that people follow whomever is making sense. The problem arises when they are using familiar words, but the intent is foreign substance.

These times require us to be discerning. Be strong in the Word of God. Be powerful in the Spirit. Listen to Papa God’s voice. Let him create your future. You won’t be afraid and you’ll discover that he pulled it off perfectly.

Careful Hearing, Cheerful Bearing

I have been challenged lately by this thought: “If your perception of what is happening in these times and how to move forward is coming from mainstream media, then your frustration and discouragement is self-inflicted.”


It must be understood that their primary goal is to sell stories, even at the disregard of telling the truth. Unsaid within that, is another goal of bending a nation(s) to their worldview. They offer up pain without solution, conflict without peace, schism without reconciliation. They feed a ravenous hunger for negativity. Redemptive stories about love, patience, kindness and understanding are hard to find.

Conflict and hopelessness sells. It appeals to our emotions and ties to causes; taking sides if you will. Fear and frustration is often the purchase price to be involved in the story. Those who know the flatulent narratives in the room resist being baited for the odiferous dialogues. An example of this bait is found with people who are determined to beat the FB machine and speak their opinions; often formed from media input; before getting shut down. Time is wasted, thoughts distracted, relational connections aborted.

There are more worthy and positive purposes to pursue. If we take time to really listen to the voices of hope, faith and love, we will see the world differently. We will cheerfully grasp our purposes as solutionaries for problems around us and love our neighbor as if it were ourselves receiving the love.