Lord of Hosts is His Name

Since November; and perhaps more accurately, since March of 2020; spiritual and secular minds have set courses through a morass of countless solutions to our current storms. The debris from one storm is settling and I am certain commentaries and prognoses will sweep out as the clean-up of messes begins.

My personal accounting of this season is that a dull and slumbering warrior was awakened. I am at war with spiritual powers. My wakefulness to the breadth and depth of that war has multiplied in several points. Turning back to a more comfortable outlook is not an option!

As I stated in a previous blog, we must be careful not to write off the election results as a lost war. I’m convinced the praying church will come through this season better equipped for the battles ahead. A multitude of warriors were awakened from various levels of indifference, distraction, discouragement and even success and launched into full alert. Our eyes and ears are open and our resolve rekindled to follow hard after the Commander in Chief of the Hosts of Heaven and Earth. He has the strategic and tactical masterplan. On our best day, our best singular strategy is to hear and obey and trust. Together in unity, we are unstoppable.

Out of all this conflict, I have a deeper conviction about what’s important. Constitutional America is not the world’s savior. The president of the United States is not America’s savior. Politics and economics are not our cultural saviors. The comfortable life of the American dream is far from our commission to exalt the one and only Savior, Jesus, and make disciples of the nations that will become the Kingdom of our God as promised in Revelation 11:15.

If we look at the life of the early church in the book of Acts or that of the hall of faith in the book of Hebrews, we see examples to emulate. Is the Christian life designed to be comfortable? Jesus said no to that question by the words that he gave us. The early church said no by the record they left us. History preaches it’s not to be trusted.

A Reformation of our understanding of the Kingdom of God is in progress. The Awakening is opening the eyes and ears of believers who slumber. And now, what lies ahead is a concerted war for the hearts of the lost.

What’s the cost? May we resolve to give our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor for the sake of our King and Savior, Jesus, as our American forefathers resolved for the sake of our country. That first step to commit will always be wrapped around our relationship and connection with him and with his people. Can we put aside our differences, our expectations, our frustrations and disappointments, even our anger and get on with it in love for Jesus and one another? After all we have a common enemy. If we hang together, we’ll see the glory of God.

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